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Private Club Trends

  • Trends & Issues: A Private Club Perspective

    Trends & Issues: A Private Club Perspective, 2012 edition, is a report by the National Club Association (NCA). It contains a wealth of information affecting private club and details issues such as an aging member population and the up-and-coming generation of club members, as well as the latest and greatest in food and beverage, lifestyle and technology trends that influence the way clubs prepare for their future.

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  • The Legal Reference Guide for Private Clubs

    This comprehensive resource report provides club leaders with a wealth of information to help them navigate the maze of legal challenges ranging from operational matters and human resource issues to governance and membership policies. Written by attorneys specializing in private club issues this is a definitive resource on areas of liability and exposures and ways to be proactive in managing risk. Includes sample forms, policies and checklists while providing guidelines and policies to help clubs manage legal risks and exposure.

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  • Club Director Reference Series

    This series of technical publications is the club industry’s most trusted source for tax, privacy, legal, financial and policy information. This must-have resource provides models on how to establish bylaws and rules for clubs, golf course rules, committee and membership guidelines and membership admissions policies successfully implemented at numerous private clubs nationwide. This extensive reference includes the following monographs:

    Employment Practices Liability, Workers Compensation Issues, Job Descriptions for Management Staff, Independent Contractor Compliance, Understanding the Federal Wage & Hour Laws, Fitness Facility Management & Liability, Capital Budgeting Guidelines, Model Club Rules, Model Golf Rules, Model Private Club Bylaws, Model Membership Admissions, Private Club Membership Guidelines, Federal Tax Treatment of Private Clubs, and Model Committee Guidelines.

    The Club Director Reference Series also includes all appropriate divider tabs and binder.

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