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2011 NGF Golf Business Symposium

The Pre-season Intelligence Briefing for Golf's Business Leaders

NGF Golf Business Symposium - 2011 Chicago The 4th Annual NGF Golf Business Symposium marked the 75th Anniversary of the NGF. Chicago was the host city in tribute to NGF's founders, noteworthy Chicago-ans, Herb and Joe Graffis.


VENUE: The Union League Club of Chicago

GENERAL SESSION: Thursday, April 28th

Generational Risk in Golf
Are today's golfer's playing at the same rate as their parents? Are we at risk of losing younger ones? Older ones? What is happening with Gen X, Gen Y and baby boomers in terms of golf participation rates and rounds played? We'll be answering these questions and more as we take a thorough look at golf by generations.

The Geography of Golf
If you "don't know much about geography," as the song says, this is the presentation for you. We'll look at where we think golf will grow in the future. In addition, we'll look at a number of metrics by geography, including facilities, rounds, participation, etc., as well as unveil our pick for the "golfiest" state in America.

State of the Industry
The state of the industry is a standing feature of the symposium during which we present the most up-to-date metrics on the industry – golf participation (including trends, stocks & flows, etc.), rounds played, golf supply (courses, ranges, retail), industry spending (playing equipment, both domestic and worldwide, turf equipment, fees, etc.) and confidence indices which show where golfer confidence has been during the recession, where it is currently and where we think it's headed.

The Image of Golf
This new research was done in cooperation with the World Golf Foundation. In order to grow the game, we need to understand attitudes and perceptions of golfers and non-golfers regarding subjects such as golf and the environment, accessibility to all kinds of people, affordability, etc. We have the latest opinions, broken out by golfer avidity and, for non-golfers, level of interest in playing.

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