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U.S. Golf Facility Investments Total Nearly $1.8B Annually

Beyond the exciting (but limited) number of new golf courses we read about, the real industry investment is in upgrades, improvements, renovations and restorations at existing facilities. And it’s significant.

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Gauging Consumer Interest in Golf Balls

Online consumer searches for consumables such as golf balls show a strong correlation to not only purchases, but engagement and levels of play. Google searches…

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Golf Course Improvement & Investment

  The bulk of investment in golf comes not from new courses and construction, rather money being pumped into improving existing facilities. Over the past…

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Travel Plans for Core Golfers

More than 4 out of 5 Core golfers surveyed by NGF in late 2021 said they expect to take a golf-related trip in 2022. Given…

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Golfers Within 500 Miles of Top Destinations

It's probably not too surprising that the U.S. golf destination with the highest concentration of golfers (and population) within a 500-mile radius is almost smack…

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