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Thor Guard

Corporate Headquarters: Sunrise, Florida


Category: Miscellaneous


Bob Dugan – President

Patrick Bennett, National Sales Manager

Thor Guard stands as the most effective predictor of lighting within a defined area of risk on the market. Through countless hours of monitoring, Thor Guard has been able to develop a proprietary program that reads activity within an electrostatic field. For its efforts, the company has become an industry leader and a trusted name to notify consumers of hazardous weather conditions – on the golf course and beyond.

Thor Guard has been manufacturing Lightning Prediction Systems in South Florida since 1976 and has been providing systems since 1974. The mission of the company is to utilize emerging technologies in the development of systems that provide automatic notification of hazardous weather conditions.

Golf accounts for about 10% of Thor Guard’s business, with almost 3,000 systems installed worldwide, from schools to park districts.

East Lake, Medinah Country Club and Olympia Fields are among the golf courses that use Thor Guard’s advanced lightning warning for guests, members and employees, as do the portfolio of TPC facilities, Marriott Golf and resort properties. The system can also automatically shut down the irrigation systems at a golf course and provide computer protection. Thor Guard is also the chosen lighting predictor of the USGA, Canadian and European Golf Tours, and many local chapters of the PGA of America.

In addition to its prominence in the golf industry, Thor Guard is also trusted by non-golf industries as well with significant customers including Delta Airlines, the US military, and over 700 universities, schools, and municipalities.

Over the years, the company has studied tens of millions of hours of lightning strike data with over a billion hours of operations, continually improving its unique Prediction and Detection Technology with state-of-the-art hardware.

A Thor Guard system at State Team USGA event in Jacksonville. (Photo courtesy: Thor Guard)

With its own team of designers, engineers and meteorologists, Thor Guard has developed prediction algorithms for proactive Lightning Prediction Systems that stand apart from industry competitors by detecting lightning before it strikes.


With traditional golf being a game played completely outdoors, its dependency on weather can create potentially dangerous situations for golfers with regard to lightning strikes. Thor Guard has been able to carve out its niche in the golf industry as a leader in lightning warning systems and is a well-respected name among golf facilities and organizations.

Thor Guard is a world leader in lightning prediction and warning systems, committed to utilized emerging technologies in the development of systems that provide automatic notification of hazardous weather conditions — on golf courses and beyond.

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