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December 2018

Millennials in Golf – as Business Owners

Young adults remain a major part of golf’s participant base, with a pool of about 6.2 million golfers that contradicts some claims that golf is losing these “Millennial Golfers.” This next generation is also making waves as business owners within a competitive market.

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Parlaying Passion Into a Golf Career

The founder and CEO of GOLFTEC, Joe Assell offers insights on building a successful golf business and advice to entrepreneurs looking to turn their passion into a career in the golf industry. Assell writes about hurdles, confidence, validation and his business philosophy.

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October 2018 National Rounds Played

Rounds of golf for October dropped 10.3% compared to a year ago as temperatures dipped in many major golf regions across the country. The national year-to-date total is now -3.9%

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NGF Research Snapshot: Golf Outings and Events

In the past year, 62% of golfers played in some kind of social or competitive golf event. Find out which ones were most popular.

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Mike Whan – LPGA Commissioner

LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan talks with the NGF about his tour’s trajectory, inspiration and business advice, his first job in golf and his outlook for the golf industry overall.

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