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October 2019

September 2019 National Rounds Played Report

Rounds of golf for September 2019 were up 4.7% compared to a year ago thanks to increases in play throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Through the first three-quarters of the year, the national rounds-played total is now up a modest 0.6% year-over-year.

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The Logistics of Lighting a Golf Course

Given the popularity of alternative night golf activities like Topgolf and the affordability of LED technology, the interest in lighted courses may continue to increase – particularly with smaller courses (9-hole, par-3, executive) or perhaps the final few holes of a traditional 18-hole layout. Learn more about the logistics behind it.

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NGF Research Snapshot: How Old Are Your Golf Clubs?

Almost 1/3 of golfers bought at least one new club last year. The Q’s latest NGF research snapshot takes a closer look at the average age of clubs currently in golfers’ bags. 

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Breaking Down Barriers to Golf Participation

The biggest obstacles to golf participation remain cost, time, concern about ability and a lack of people to play with. Here’s what some facility operators are doing to break down participation barriers.

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NGF Golf Instruction Report Overview

An inside look at the $1 billion golf instruction market, utilizing golfer-reported data through NGF’s Participation & Engagement Study. This special report highlights the total number of lessons taken and delves further into the demographics and characteristics of lesson-takers, from age and income to avidity and ability.

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August 2019 National Rounds Played Report

Rounds of golf for August 2019 were up 3.5% compared to the same period last year, an increase attributable in part to more favorable weather conditions than a year ago. While the August increase brought the year-to-date rounds-played total up, it’s now flat compared to the first three quarters of 2018, which overall was a down year.

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