November 2018 National Rounds Played

by National Rounds Played Coalition

January 2019

Rounds of golf for November 2018 dropped 18.8% nationally compared to a year ago as four of eight geographic regions had precipitation levels surge more than 200% during the month compared to last November. In addition, the average temperature across the U.S. was almost 5 degrees colder this November than a year ago.

In looking at national data available through November, the year-to-date rounds-played total was down 4.7%. While December rounds-played information is still being collected and tabulated, play has been negatively impacted by a greater frequency of unfavorable golf weather.

For a deeper, anecdotal look at the nationwide decline in rounds-played for 2018, please be sure to read Tom Mackin’s feature story, Weather to Play, in this month’s issue of The Q.

November saw the highest negative decline in rounds-played in a single month since March 2013, which was down 23% year-over-year.

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