February 2019 National Rounds Played

by National Rounds Played Coalition

April 2019

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Rounds-played for February were down 12.1% nationally across the U.S., bringing the national, year-to-date total to -5.3% compared to a year ago.

Much of the country was still in the midst of the golf offseason during February and average temperatures were lower in all eight geographic regions compared to February of 2017. (see map above)

Rounds were down in seven of the eight regions, perhaps most notably in the Pacific, where play was down 29.1% percent in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. The average temperature in the Pacific region was more than 5 degrees cooler than last February and precipitation was up 187%.

Rounds-played totals were down more than 20% throughout the Northeast (the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions) as well as the upper Midwest (the East North Central and West North Central regions). Play is typically limited in these regions during February, which accounts for only about 3% of the annual U.S. rounds.

The February decline marks the 12th drop in rounds-played over the past 14 months, largely the result of an increased incidence of unfavorable weather.

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