March 2019 National Rounds Played Report

by National Rounds Played Coalition

May 2019

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Rounds-played for March were almost unchanged nationally from a year ago, improving the year-to-date total to -2.7% compared to the first quarter of 2018.

Total rounds were up .1% for March, with increases in five of the eight U.S. geographic regions. Thanks in part to lower precipitation levels, this included jumps of more than 40% in New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island) and the Mid Atlantic (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania).

Rounds-played were also up incrementally year-over-year in the golf-rich South Atlantic, East North Central and Pacific regions.

Colder temperatures and increased precipitation in March led to a 26% decline in rounds of golf played in the West North Central, where a major Winter Storm hit Minnesota and many of the Plains states (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas) during the second week of March.

Through February, the year-over-year national rounds played number had been down -5.3%, so the numbers for March coupled with a higher volume of play improved the year-to-date totals. March typically accounts for as many rounds nationally as January and February together.

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