Women’s Golf Participation


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This is not the same “female golf opportunity” presentation you’ve seen before. Did you know that the proportion of female golfers in the U.S. lags considerably behind a handful of other developed golfing countries, including Canada, select European nations, and Korea? Canada is considered to be very similar to the U.S. from a cultural/social standpoint, so why the disparity? Why is golf seemingly male-dominated in the U.S. relative to other recreational activities that women participate in? NGF has researching the potential factors (on-course, cultural, social or otherwise) that contribute to the differences in gender mix across countries and sports. We will try to explain why women’s golf participation remains essentially flat, despite much research and numerous targeted programs, and discuss the implications of this lack of progress in terms of meeting the game’s growth expectations.

Publisher:  The National Golf Foundation
Published: 2013
Format:  PPT, 36 pages


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