Andre Paul

Research Associate

My recent background includes several projects and roles in food systems. In 2019, I completed The Sustainable Innovation MBA program at The University of Vermont, where I explored the intersections of economic, social, and environmental value creation. I aspire to grow the game of golf in a manner that is compatible with global sustainable development. As an avid player, I also seek to grow my golf game in a manner that supports my continuing personal development. My natural curiosity, creativity, love for nature, drive for continuous improvement, and tendency to “think in systems” are what draw me to the game and to my position at NGF.



Favorite Course Played

The Old Course at St. Andrews

Preferred Type of Inclement Weather?

Hot. At least the ball goes further!

Favorite Club in Your Bag

Putter (but honestly Driver)

Lifetime Holes in One

1? (It was after a mulligan...)