Sizing Up Golf’s $2.9 Billion Club and Ball Market

The equipment industry is the most commercially visible sector in golf, with clubs and balls accounting for an almost $2.9 billion annual market that’s driven by golf being one of the nation’s leading participation sports.

NGF Research Snapshot: Family Golf

Almost two-thirds of golfers say they played a round of golf with a family member last year.

November 2019 National Rounds Played

Rounds of golf for November 2019 rose 9.8% nationally compared to a year ago, boosting the year-to-date figure to +1.3%.

Is CBD Gaining a Foothold in Golf Retail?

Given the challenges that golf presents, it’s no wonder that many CBD companies are aggressively pushing into what they see as a bountiful market. Golfers seem the ideal demographic for the product. So what are golf retailers seeing?

NGF Research Snapshot: Holiday Golf Gifts

NGF research shows that approximately one out of every 10 people in the U.S. expects to purchase a golf-related gift for a friend or family member this holiday season.

Bringing Winter Sports to the Golf Course

Winter means the end of golf season in a large swath of the country. But courses in the regions that see snow and frigid temperatures don’t all go unoccupied during cold months. See why.

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