Facilities and Land Get New Life After Course Closures

It’s been more than three years since the last round was recorded at Ocean Meadows Golf Club in Goleta, California. Birdies, no. But there are birds galore.

The Changing Face of Junior Golf

At this year’s Golf Business Symposium, the NGF presented its latest findings on the junior golf market, a segment that…

Getting Into the Game

With millions of interested non-golfers who aren’t paying customers, golf isn’t facing an interest problem, but issues related to activation and retention. In other words, plenty of people want to play, but most aren’t aware or perhaps comfortable enough with the path to the game.

Six Changes to Golf’s Brand that Will Engage Millennials

Golf has potential to grow among the vital 18-to-34 age group. However, the NGF’s Millennial Report tells us that golf requires a modernization of its brand.

The Female Factor in Golf:

The American golf industry has spent an impressive amount of time and resources on initiatives designed to bring more women to the game. Unfortunately, those efforts have yielded little. What are other countries doing differently?

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