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Demographics & Behavior

  • Generational Risk in Golf (Archive Report)

    Are today's golfer's playing at the same rate as their parents? Are we at risk of losing younger ones? Older ones? What is happening with Gen X, Gen Y and baby boomers in terms of golf participation rates and rounds played? We'll be answering these questions and more as we take a thorough look at golf by generations. Learn More

    PDF: 223 K / 20 pages
    PPT: 1700 K / 20 pages
  • Golf's Pyramid of Influence (Archive Report)

    Shows how occasional, moderate and avid golfers stack up in terms of players, rounds and spending.
    Learn More

    PDF: 253 K / 1 page
  • Summary of Golf Participation in the U.S. 2012 (Archive Report)

    This one-page summary shows how the number of golfers has changed from 1985 to present. It includes breakouts for Occasional, Core, Avid, Female, Junior and Minority golfers.
    Learn More

    PDF: 866 KB / 3 pages
  • Golf Participation in the U.S. 2012 (Archive Report)

    This report provides a detailed profile of U.S. golfers in 2011. It includes the participation rate and number of golfers by gender, age, income and education. Segments profiled include Core golfers, Occasionals, Juniors and Beginners. Also shown is the trend in the number of golfers by segment from 1985 to present. A rounds played profile shows average and total rounds by demographic segment. And a regional summary shows the number of golfers and rounds by U.S. census region.
    Learn More

    PDF: 617 K / 12 pages
  • Minority Golf Participation in the U.S. (Archive Report)

    Minority Golf Participation in the U.S. is a research report that details the characteristics of African American, Asian and Hispanic golfers in the U.S. It includes participation rates, number of golfers, rates of interest in playing golf among non-golfers, and demographic profiles, including gender, age, income, etc. The report is based on NGF's annual golf participation studies conducted over the past three years (online surveys of 40,000 Americans per year fielded through the consumer panel of Synovate, a global market research firm. Learn More

    PDF: 135 K / 11 pages
  • Golf Consumer Buying Profiles (Archive Report)

    Many golf industry professionals have a need for customer profiles - manufacturers, marketers, retailers from big box to pro shop, membership directors, course managers, salespeople, travel and tour operators, media pros, etc. This report contains golf consumer buying profiles for 17 different types of golf consumers, from equipment and apparel buyers to golf media users. Data in the report is based on a survey of 2,400 Core golfers. Learn More

    PDF: 1170 K / 24 pages
  • Technology Habits of Today's Core Golfer (Archive Report)

    As with the general population, golfers are joining online social networks, reading blogs on their PDAs, listening to podcasts, etc. But to what extent? This report profiles Core golfer use of technology, including what they do online, what electronic equipment they own, how they use it, and more. The study is based on a survey of over 1,600 golfers in March 2009. Learn More

    PDF: 75 K / 16 pages
    PPT: 220 K / 16 pages
  • Golf Industry Report (Archive Report)

    FALL 2009 ISSUE: This issue contains information on a variety of subjects: A summary of NGF's upcoming report, The Future of Public Golf in America; a recap of a session from NGF's 2009 golf business symposium entitled Web 2.0 and the Golf Industry; update on golf consumer confidence; update on golf course development in 2009 openings and closures; golf course transactions; and rounds played. Learn More

    PDF: 2589 K / 12 pages
  • Golf Industry Report - 4th Quarter 2007 (Archive Report)

    GOLF CONSUMER ISSUE: This issue contains a variety of profiles gleaned from NGF's 2007 online survey of over 2,000 golfers, including: spending habits, buyer profiles, e-commerce, player development, introduction to golf, barriers to play and even the health of golfers from the standpoint of body mass index. Also included is a concise essay on "The Three Ways to Grow Rounds." Learn More

    PDF: 1758 K / 12 pages
  • Golf Industry Report - 2nd Quarter 2007 (Archive Report)

    GOLF PARTICIPATION ISSUE: The 2006 golf participation numbers are contained in the second quarter issue. Also included are detailed profiles of Core golfers, a segment of frequent players who drive the industry in terms of rounds and spending. There are also sections on: Golfer segmentation by lifestyle; participation by geography; cross-participation by golfers in other sports and fitness activities; female golfers; and junior golfers. Learn More

    PDF: 2057 K / 12 pages
  • Golf Industry Report - 3rd Quarter 2006 (Archive Report)

    GOLF CONSUMER ISSUE: Baby boomers are the main subject of this issue. Over the years NGF has kept a keen eye on baby boomers as they have moved through different life stages. Now, with the oldest of the baby boom generation turning 60 this year, their impact on rounds played and spending is about to be felt in big way. Baby boomer golfers are profiled in terms of their golf participation rates, intentions to play in retirement, real estate purchases, golf travel and golf media consumption. Learn More

    PDF: 814 K / 12 pages
  • The Future of Private Golf Clubs in America (Archive Report)

    Much was written in 2007 about the challenges facing private club operators. Reports cited declining memberships, decreased utilization and even club closures. But we wondered, just how common are these problems? Are they narrowly contained to the relatively few clubs that were being written about, or are the problems much more widespread? To answer these questions, the NGF undertook a national study of private golf clubs. We surveyed hundreds of club operators in order to determine the scope and seriousness of the problems facing private golf. The results of our study are contained in this report. Learn More

    PDF: 1114 K / 8 pages
  • Golf Travel in the U.S. - 2009 Edition (Archive Report)

    NGF's Golf Travel in the U.S., 2009 edition, focuses on the demographic profile gender, age, income of golfers who played at least one round of golf while traveling in 2007. Profiles are broken out by business vs. vacation golf travelers. The report details the total number of golf travelers, the number of trips taken, the number of rounds played and the number of days away while traveling. Trends in the number of golf travelers from 1989 to 2007 are also presented. The report also describes the media habits of frequent golf travelers with respect to golf-related magazines, viewing golf on TV and visiting golf-related Web sites. Learn More

    PDF: 245 K / 13 pages
  • The Spending Report: Sizing the Golf Consumer Marketplace - 2003 Edition (Archive Report)

    This is the source for consumer spending by golfers on both golf-related and non-golf items. Find out who's buying what, including golf's "best customers." You'll learn how much they're spending on playing fees, golf clubs, balls and soft goods. Includes trend analysis and a look at the Internet habits of golfers. Learn More

    PDF: 182 K / 41 pages

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