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Research Services

We help golf companies make critical data-driven decisions

At NGF, we believe that market research is about more than just data, clipboards and opinion polls. It’s about interpretation - blending science and art to discover opportunities and reduce risk for decision-makers. That’s the mindset we bring to every project.

What's Not To Love?


Our golf industry context is unmatched

As the only trade organization in golf that works with companies across every sector, our institutional knowledge and context are both broad and deep. We leverage these perspectives with every custom research and consulting engagement, whether it’s with a B2C or B2B company. Our group has more than 100 years of golf business knowledge and research experience.


We are trained and creative thinkers

Our team is diverse in background and skillset, but shares an obsession with understanding how consumers think, feel and act. We are collaborative and strategic thinkers who embrace the challenge of discovering why people do what they do. Significant academic training and passion in areas of relevance to both golf and market research, including applied and behavioral economics, statistics, experimental design, computer science, agronomy and sustainable innovation.


Working with the NGF is a win-win-win

When you hire the NGF to help your business, you’re investing indirectly in the long-term health of golf. Earnings from our consulting business are directed back to the 501 ( c ) ( 6 ) arm of NGF, which means working with us is like “buying local,” as it helps to further our broader mission to foster the growth and vitality of the game and business of golf through research, information and intelligence.

How We Do It

We believe in thinking big but acting small, and take pride in helping golf companies of all sizes maximize their investment in research.

The NGF Approach

Our team works with a variety of clients, from the biggest businesses in golf to early-stage startups. Our work always begins by understanding deeply our client’s business environment and context, in addition to their strategic objectives, and follows by designing a study that fits within their budgets. Nothing we do is one-size-fits-all.

We help you to dig deeper on your most important and burning business questions

Every business has questions, but finding the answers isn’t always a straightforward process. Market researchers tend to go straight to the source – the customer – but people have certain limitations to what they can recall, predict or rationalize. We understand this as well as anyone in our line of work.

Some of the questions we help you to answer:

  • Who are our customers and how are they differentiated?
  • What motivates or incentivizes consumers to choose our product or service?
  • How are they buying from us? (direct, online, affiliates, etc.)
  • Who’s not currently buying from us?
  • Why are they choosing a competitor or alternative?
  • Are we charging the right price? What are consumers willing to pay?
  • Are there unmet needs in the market that we should aim to address?
  • Which features and/or benefits do consumers truly value in their decision-making?
  • Does our product communication emphasize the right features?
  • What are our leverageable advantages and key vulnerabilities?
  • How is our brand perceived by our target market?
  • How do we fit in to the competitive landscape?
  • Are we effectively reaching the influencers who would convince others to buy from us?

We employ a range of methodologies to address your business and research questions

It takes clear and creative thinking, and approaches, to find the right answers and connect the right dots.

We leverage:

  • Your data (CRM, sales account data, etc.)
  • Public domain data (e.g., gov’t databases, polling data, “fact tanks”)
  • Qualitative data/observations (focus groups, IDIs, etc.)
  • Survey data

Utilizing research techniques like:

  • Longitudinal brand and product tracking
  • Customer segmentation
  • Tradeoff analysis (Max-Diff, conjoint, alternative designs)
  • Concept testing (single concepts, A/B testing)
  • In-depth qualitative approaches

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