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Taking Up Golf
Can be Scary.

It doesn't have to be.

Starting anything new is tough. There’s new information, new situations and new challenges, which combine to create uncertainty and self-doubt.

Golf is no different. The sport presents its own share of hurdles.

Some are more practical, like not knowing how or where to get started. Others are perceptual–reasons, real or imagined, that make golf seem unapproachable. And then there are the emotional obstacles, those having to do with going outside one’s comfort zone to try something new.

WELCOME2GOLF is an NGF led initiative to provide resources and pathways to help more people interested in golf actually become golfers. We help them address these hurdles and arm them with the know-how and resources that will help take the first step into the lifelong and rewarding journey that is golf.


is a market-by-market growth campaign targeting interested, non-golfing adults.

The New Anthem

Golf Because

GOLF BECAUSE is a campaign designed to help interested non-golfing adults get into the game.

Golf because it’s fun. Golf because it’s beautiful. Golf because it gives you an excuse to laugh and share a beer with your friends. GOLF BECAUSE is our rallying cry. It’s our two-word anthem. GOLF BECAUSE lets us tear down each and every barrier of entry to make the wonderful world of golf open to everyone.

Does this sound like somebody you know?

People take up golf for different reasons, and so it’s important that our marketing not be one-size-fits-all.

19th Holers

Think brunchers, day drinkers, after-work rec leaguers


Think cyclists, trail runners, people who do CrossFit


Generations of family interested in ways to spend time together

Our Patrons



American Golf Corp.
Billy Casper Golf
Century Golf Partners
Colorado Golf Association
Colorado PGA
Golf Pride

The Why

This is the trend that inspired W2G. Since peaking in 2003 –and despite significant growth in interest –golf participation has been sliding. The aim of W2G is to convert more untapped demand.


people + amenities + Location

Welcome2golf Centers & Features

Point Person

One staff person designated as W2G point person/ambassador

Data Collect

Collect name and contact information from beginners for campaign tracking

Beginner League

Host beginner league or other organized, ongoing golf function (outside of instruction)

Social Event

Organize fun social events for beginners

Lesson Program

Provide affordable, multi-session golf lesson program for beginners

Loaner Sticks

Offer complimentary or cheap golf clubs for beginners

Tee Times

Reserve affordable tee times or time slots for beginners

Promote W2G

Use available marketing resources to promote W2G


Ready to learn More?


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