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Course Facts Interactive Map


The most in-depth data on golf courses and other businesses.

Take advantage of the industry’s most in-depth information on U.S. golf course supply, fueled by NGF’s unrivaled golf facility database. Get detailed facts about facilities and courses, historical trends, openings & closures, renovations, courses in-planning and under construction, average cost to play, geographic breakdowns and much more.


Golfer Facts Interactive Map


Understanding the behaviors and attitudes of golf participants.

Get the latest data and perspective on current and lapsed participants, including sentiments, behaviors and expectations. Track trends and view detailed information on participant characteristics (age, income, education, etc.) and key consumer segments like women, youth, Baby Boomers, young adults, first-timers, as well as those interested in taking up the game.

One-Page Member Reports

Looking for concise details or information about a particular topic or geography?

These succinct, yet comprehensive one-page overviews provide need-to-know numbers in an easy-to-digest format.

If there's a topic you're interested in and don't see, let us know.

Member Publications

For those seeking more in-depth research and information, this section contains NGF's traditional reports.

From the annual Golf Industry Report -- a comprehensive, state-of-the-game summary now known as The Graffis Report -- to the Participation and Facility reports that provide in-depth research on demand and supply in the U.S., members have 24/7 access to a catalog of publications and presentations.


The Graffis Report - 2024

This holistic state of industry report provides an overview of golf and the golf business for 2023.

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Female Participation & Engagement - 2024

On- and off-course participation data and trends among female golfers

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Golf Participation in the U.S. - 2024

Annual summary report of golf participation in the U.S., including various segments.

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Golf Facilities in the U.S. - 2024

Annual overview of facility supply in the U.S., the world's best-supplied golf market.

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Graffis Report 2024 - Leaderboard

One-page summary of the 2024 Graffis Report on the state of the U.S. golf industry

Read more

Off-Course Golf Specialty Retail - 2024

Annual update on off-course golf retail store supply in the U.S.

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Summary of Golf Participation in the U.S. - 2024

One-page summary of golf participation in the U.S.

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Rounds Played Report - 2024

An overview of the total number of rounds of golf played throughout the U.S. in 2023.

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Summary of Golf Facilities in the U.S. - 2024

Golf Facilities One-Pager

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Summary of Municipal Golf in the U.S. - 2024

Municipal one-pager

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Golf Economic Impact Report - 2023

The 2023 Golf Impact Report assesses the game’s economic, philanthropic, societal and environmental impacts.

Read more

Perceptions of Golf - 2023

How perceptions of golf have and continue to change

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Golf Directories

The NGF has the most complete and accurate database of golf courses and businesses.

It sets us apart and, years ago, set us in motion. In 1936, six equipment manufacturers came together to fund NGF’s efforts to identify every golf course in the U.S. Today, this definitive database contains more than 29,000 golf courses and businesses, and 71,000 individual contacts.

NGF membership provides open access to our unrivaled database. Every day, our team verifies golf courses -- identifying openings, closings and any new projects in development – as well as the key decision-makers at these facilities. This member benefit can be used to help businesses identify customers and prospects, facilities to search for suppliers and vendors, and to find contacts within the golf industry.

What's Included?

Each course and company listing includes:

General info: address, phone and fax numbers, website
Expanded address: county, DMA, MSA, region
Key Contacts: Owner, President, General Manager, Head Golf Professional, Superintendent, etc.

Golf course listings also include:

Facility type (private, muni, daily fee, resort)
Total holes
Green/guest fee (highest rack rate)
Year opened
Architect                                                        and more!

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