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presidents council

Formed in 2024, the President’s Council is a vital cornerstone of golf companies that recognize the value of NGF’s guidance through generations of business cycles and continual evolution to meet the needs of the commercial side of recreational golf.

These industry stakeholders are aligned with who we are, what we do, and believe in NGF’s mission… our “why.”

This level of support is a referendum on NGF research efforts that greatly expanded “post-Covid,” yet became unsustainable to self-fund. In addition to enhancing efforts in research and beyond, leaders of companies in the President’s Council get a range of added privileges that include a “seat at the table” in helping determine how their invaluable commitments are invested toward knowing and growing the game and business of golf. Members of the President's Council receive three credentials to NGF's annual Golf Business Symposium, an exclusive and intimate conclave presented for golf's leading companies.

patron members

This elevated level of membership was also created in 2024 to help sustain the 501©6 not-for-profit side of the NGF and inspire the continued enhancement (and augmented funding) of our organization’s research and mission-related work.

In addition to full Executive Member benefits, Patron Members benefit from increased research and insights access, custom briefings and presentations, in-person speeches, and prominent recognition online and at the annual NGF Golf Business Symposium. Patron Members also receive two credentials to NGF's annual "Davos of Golf."

executive members

Executive Membership is for those leading golf companies who support the work of the NGF at a high level and, in return, receive privileged access to NGF’s industry resources. The majority of golf’s most significant business executives rely upon their NGF Executive Membership to ensure that they are among the best-informed golf market knowledge leaders.

Executive Members receive one guaranteed Symposium credential.

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