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We help golf companies make more money 💰

As golf’s data company, the NGF has the industry’s most coveted B2C and B2B marketing databases.  Whether your customers are golfers or golf courses, NGF is the ultimate partner – combining the strategic support of an expert consultant with the best-in-class lists and resources to execute your campaigns with precision and the highest possible ROI.

Exclusive marketing databases * Proven audience targeting data * Expert Email & Digital Marketing 

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NGF is Golf's Leading Direct Marketing Company

Why NGF Marketing

The most effective marketers today use data to select the ideal target audiences and customize messages to optimize results.  As golf’s data company, the NGF has the industry’s most coveted databases (1.8 million+ golfer emails and 75K+ decision-makers) and the business IQ and technology to get our clients the best possible results.

What We Do

We help our clients compete.  We are expert strategic marketing advisors with the data, tools and assets to get your messages in front of your ideal audience.  We execute high-value campaigns for golf’s most prominent brands and entrepreneurial start-ups.

NGF Marketing Mission

We’re competitive too.  NGF wants you to choose us as your marketing partner because our ideas and capabilities produce the best results.  However, some clients appreciate the added benefit that our efforts together supports the positive work NGF does for the industry.  Doesn’t that make you feel better about your marketing investment already?

Specialized services

  • Expert marketing strategy and consulting across all channels
  • Best-in-class databases of golfers or courses
  • Email Marketing
    • Direct-to-consumer
    • Direct-to a golf course course owner, pro, GM or superintendent
  • Digital Marketing
    • Paid Display Advertising including programmatic and social media platforms, OTT, CTV and more
    • Paid Search
    • Expert Attribution and Automation Support
  • Direct Mail
  • Audience/Database development for your branded content or newsletter
  • Analytics and Measurement Support
  • Public and Industry Relations – NGF is the most connected organization in the business of golf

Challenge us!

We're confident there isn't a single golf company out there that we can't help. Let's start with you.

Your Customer is a Golf Course

The NGF is the definitive resource for companies looking to increase the business they do with golf courses.  We can help you with the gold standard database of courses, multi-course owners/operators and the decision-makers that run them.  NGF offers best-in-class email, digital marketing and PR to help you open new accounts and grow the ones you have.  For those looking to maximize their business opportunity and take the straightest path to success, the NGF is a trusted advisor you can count on to help you be efficient with your time and your marketing investments. 

Your Customer is a Golfer

Direct-to-Consumer selling is becoming more important to the revenue success of all brands… and the higher margins are great too.  Companies are learning quickly about the law of diminishing returns that come from continuous selling against their own house list.  New lists and strategies are the lifeblood of D2C marketing.  As a data and insights driven company, the NGF has resources to offer clients a level of targeting and market intelligence that few if any can offer.  Since every brand is different and its core customers are unique, NGF asks a lot of questions (we can’t help it… it’s in our DNA) and develops a customized approach.  We work to understand your brand/products and where you’re positioned in the competitive landscape before recommending any particular NGF service.

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