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Consulting Services

Consulting is more than just giving advice. Much more.

The NGF consulting team works closely with senior leadership and on-site staff to understand each facility’s unique and specific needs, opportunities, and goals. At NGF, we believe consulting is personal. Because it is.

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What's Not To Love?



NGF Consulting’s primary mission is to “help golf facilities succeed”.  Our experience has proven that the clearest path to economic success for golf facilities is enhancement of the golfer experience and customer engagement.  These outcomes can be achieved only when golf operators have the proper data, customer knowledge, and business planning tools that NGF consultants provide.



The golf facility industry, while robust, faces a wide range of issues and challenges.  Every consulting engagement requires a thorough understanding of underlying facility economics and potential.  We arm our clients with the knowledge, expertise and market intelligence to make informed decisions about their golf assets, including those decisions related to the feasibility of, or return on new investment.


Market Intelligence

NGF Consulting provides the analytics to determine current and optimal market position, understand the competitive landscape, and identify potential opportunities.  NGF GolfMAP (Golf Market Analysis Platform) is a key data-driven tool that helps evaluate factors such as location desirability, market strength, and growth potential. GolfMAP is also available for use directly by golf businesses.

How We Do It

Though there are business commonalities across golf facilities, each has its own particular attributes and challenges. We recognize that there are no "one-size-fits-all" solutions and strive to indentify the business model that works for you.

The NGF Approach

Our team works with a variety of clients, from family-owned “Pitch -n- Putts” to golf courses that have hosted U.S. Opens. Our work begins with attaining a deep understanding of our client’s business environment and their strategic objectives. We have a singular commitment to exceeding expectations and completing projects on time, and with no surprises.

Nothing we do is one-size-fits-all.

We provide a wide array of clients with the answers they need on important business decisions

NGF’s golf facility consulting practice has provided advisory services to golf course owners, operators, prospective buyers, lenders and other clients for more than 30 years. The practice provides comprehensive services to public and private golf facilities, driving ranges, alternative golf facilities and other “specialty” golf facilities. Our analysis and reports support key decisions related to golf facility operations, capital investment, management structure, acquisition / disposal, and more.


NGF is the recognized national leader in municipal golf course consulting

While NGF Consulting’s two principal consultants provide guidance to a wide range of clients, it is the municipal golf sector in which Richard and Ed stand out. They have more than 52 years’ combined experience delivering valuable, independent strategic guidance to public sector clients, advising more than 400+ municipalities since 1989. And it isn’t just business knowledge that these consultants bring to the table – they are experts on the public policy of municipal golf, and have stood before elected officials on hundreds of occasions. If you are a city, town, village, or county operating a golf course, they know your world.   

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