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58.9 million non-golfing adults said they'd be somewhat or very interested in trying golf.
That’s about twice the entire population of Texas.


So, last year with the generosity of sponsors, we opened eight Welcome2Golf Centers
throughout the U.S., offering lesson programs that transform adult non-golfers into golfers.

(yes... we even have one in Texas)

W2G 2021 Locations Map

We provided training for our Welcome2Golf professionals on what we call, the “three-legged-stool” approach for creating golfers.

  • INVITE – How to actively market and sell their W2G programs in their communities.
  • INTRODUCE – How to create a fun and welcoming lesson experience that creates golfers
    (hint: it has nothing to do with keeping the head down and left arm straight).
  • RETAIN – How to create opportunities that will have new golfers returning to the facility to learn, practice and play golf.
Three-Legged Stool

Oh... and we also provided them with fun, eye-catching marketing collateral, images,
and templates to support their Welcome2Golf programs.


We could go on and tell you about the successes, the great people we’ve met and work with, our future vision for growing the game, and how we believe true player development begins with changing the culture at the golf course level...

...but that would be bragging. Wouldn’t it?

However, we won’t stop you if you’re interested in learning more, becoming a sponsor, or recommending a future Welcome2Golf Center location.

Nope. We won’t stop you. Quite the opposite.

We're here. Drop us a line.

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