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Membership to the National Golf Foundation opens doors to resources, professionals and opportunities within the golf industry.

Members join the NGF because they want to be among the best-informed people in golf, staying on top of trends and having access to the industry’s most accurate and objective measures of the game’s vitality. Joining the NGF means connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who support the organization’s efforts that contribute to golf’s long-term success.

Member dues and sponsor support underwrite the many research projects and publications that the NGF produces on the behalf of the industry. The organization’s grow-the-game and educational initiatives are also made possible by member support.

“The NGF is a critical resource for Club Car and the entire golf industry. Club Car utilizes NGF's reports, insights and analytics to help ensure that our products and services are aligned with the needs of our customers, as the industry evolves. We've found the NGF to be true knowledge leaders, offering helpful perspective that any golf-related business or course could benefit from.”

- Sarah Puls, Marketing Director, Club Car

“As a professional golf marketer, I rely on NGF for insights as well as marketing execution which is why we recently became an Executive Member. Their recent millennial research is at the core of our long-term strategic plan, while their annual reports and NGF Symposium help us be agile and pivot year after year as new findings are revealed. Finally we’ve had great returns from their marketing partnership department reaching the professional and leisure targets we need as a resort to grow annually. NGF is an all in one solution for the courses at Whistling Straits & Blackwolf Run as they provide the insights we need to drive the new ideas that will have lasting impact on the health of our resort and ongoing development.”

- Christopher Hahn, Director, Marketing, Kohler Hotels, Golf & Spas

“NGF staff and research resources have been invaluable to us in serving our Club and Brand clients over the years. Their responsiveness has been prompt and the quality of their insights exceptional. Being an Executive Member of the NGF has been one of our best investments.”

- Bruce Lucker, Chief Executive Officer, Signature Group

Why You Should Join

Our members include golf courses, equipment manufacturers, turf suppliers, facility management companies, appraisers, retailers, associations, architects… anyone who’s interested in the game and the business of golf.

NGF membership, which starts at just $250 annually for facilities, provides access to the most trusted golf market research, insights, databases and other resources that can help you better understand your market. Members benefits include:

NGF Research and Publications

Stay in the know with exclusive NGF data and research, including our annual Golf Industry Report (Graffis Report), detailed analyses of participation and golf course supply, plus special reports on rounds played, golfer segments, and business categories.

Golf Course and Business Databases

Get access to the industry’s most complete and accurate database of golf courses and businesses.  In addition to addresses and phone numbers, database listings include key decision-maker names, golf course details and more.

Personalized Service and Data

The NGF has the world’s largest full-time research team that’s dedicated to the business of golf.  If you have a specific question or research need, our team is here to help however we can.

Connect with Other Members

As the only golf trade association comprised of members from all sectors in the game, we work with almost everyone in the game.  If you need help finding someone, we can help make the connection.

Discounts on NGF Products and Services

Members get discounts on all NGF products and services, including email marketing, database licensing, local market analysis, golfer satisfaction surveys and more.


Find the Membership that’s Right for You

Standard Membership Types

Golf Facility

For owners and/or operators of golf courses or practice facilities.

Management Company

For owners and/or operators of multiple golf courses.


If you're an equipment manufacturer, turf supplier, appraiser, distributor or other business, this is the membership for you.

Non-Profit Association

For qualifying state golf associations, other membership organizations, charitable groups and varied not-for-profit entities.

Join a Community of Industry Leaders

Executive Membership

Executive Membership is for those leading golf companies who support the work of the NGF at the highest level and, in return, receive maximum access to NGF’s industry resources.  The majority of golf’s most significant category leaders rely upon their NGF membership to ensure that they are among the best-informed golf market knowledge leaders. Click the button below to learn more about exclusive benefits of an NGF Executive Membership.

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