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Frequently Asked Questions

General Website Questions

What is the National Golf Foundation?

The National Golf Foundation is a dynamic membership organization supported and trusted by thousands of golf related businesses and individuals who rely on NGF to provide the most up-to-date, accurate and objective insights on the state of the game and business of golf. It is the only trade association for everyone in the golf business, advocating for growth by educating and connecting its members. NGF is also the leading marketing services provider in golf, leveraging a database of 2.5 million golfers and the industry’s most comprehensive worldwide database of golf facilities. Additionally, NGF’s research arm works with individual companies to help them better understand their markets and grow their businesses. The organization’s 501(c)3 education division is currently focused on improving the onboarding of new and returning adult golfers.

What is Fortnight?

Fortnight is a bi-weekly golf industry perspective from NGF’s team of experts. This regular messaging is distributed to tens of thousands of golf business professionals through NGF’s various communications channels. "Fortnight" refers to the every-two-weeks cadence of the industry communication. 

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight stories are longer-form feature stories -- or sidebars -- that complement the bi-weekly Fortnight messaging with data, industry insights and trends. Spotlight is a mix of free-to-read and more in-depth, member-only content that's identified by an NGF+ icon.

What is the Vault? What’s in it?

The Vault is NGF’s exclusive, member-only content portal. NGF’s standard annual reports are included in this section, as are interactive supply and demand maps, one-page summary reports, state reports, and snapshot graphics (facts) about golfer and golf course topics. Members can also access various golf directories, such as businesses, courses and practice ranges.  

How many members do you have?

NGF has membership roster in the thousands that extends to every sector of the golf industry and beyond.

What’s the benefit of being a member?

There are a lot of reasons, but three primary ones are:

1. To stay informed
2. To grow your business
3. To support our efforts on behalf of the industry

You can learn more here:

How much does it cost to be a member?

There are three separate tiers of annual membership, with the lowest starting at only $295 annually. The most popular membership level (VIP) costs about the same as many of the top new drivers on the market -- $595. 

For more information:

How do I find rounds-played information?

Rounds played data is among the most popular industry information we provide, used by facility operators and golf businesses as a broad measure of the game's momentum. The monthly reports are produced through a long-time partnership with Golf Datatech and are available for free here: 

Where can I submit a media question?

Members of the media can source or credit public information on this website to the National Golf Foundation (NGF). Beyond that, media members can email a request to Please provide specifics of your question, the outlet and what your deadline is. Please understand that due to restrictions on proprietary member data and the demands of ongoing client work, our research team won't be able to satisfy or address all questions. 

Frequent Questions Asked by Members

What does NGF consider a Golfer?

GOLFERS (ON-COURSE GOLFERS): Individuals ages 6 and above who played at least one round of golf on a golf course during the survey year.

OFF-COURSE ONLY PARTICIPANTS: Individuals ages 6 and above who didn’t play on a golf course, but participated at a driving range, Topgolf (or similar golf-entertainment) facility, or indoor simulator during the survey year. 

Why do you consider "off-course golf" golf?

For a time, NGF's participation figures underrepresented the number of people who actively hit golf balls with golf clubs. Expanding the definition of who is a golfer (while still delineating between on-course and off) is more in line with other sports. Take basketball, where someone is considered a participant if they shoot hoops at a basket in their driveway. We still track those who only play traditional, green-grass golf, but have expanded the measure to better quantify the game's overall consumer base. It's useful information to know, as our research tells us that the approachable, non-intimidating environments found in golf-entertainment venues (as an example) help to cultivate interest in the traditional game. 

I am looking for actual rounds per course played, but only seeing month-to-month changes. Are volume numbers available?

Golf facilities anonymously submit their monthly rounds totals to be used in aggregate, helping inform the national and state level data. Individual rounds data for a particular facility isn't available through NGF or Golf Datatech. 

Can you tell me how many courses have closed and opened?

While some supply data is shared in our free Fortnight messaging, the annual and historical information on openings and closings is available only to NGF members.

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What does the term "18-hole equivalent" mean?

A course that encompasses 18 holes is considered one 18-hole equivalent (1.0 18HEQ). A course consisting of 9 holes is one-half of an 18-hole equivalent, or 0.5 18HEQ).

How does NGF define a round of golf?

A round of golf is defined as an official start on a course, regardless of the number of holes played/completed or the amount paid. 

How does NGF gather research?

NGF has the industry's largest databases for golfers and golf courses, allowing for regular engagement and surveys. NGF's database team verifies the operational status of every golf facility in the country every year while the research team conducts regular surveys of consumers and operators.  

Does NGF track any information on golf courses as part of HOA or POA?

Unfortunately, we do not track that information.

How many new courses are being built? How about renovation projects?

NGF regularly tracks this supply-side data, which is available only to members. Some high level information and trends are shared in the free Fortnight industry message (available here on our website). There is also a specialized Construction Report available to members for a fee that includes an online listing or download of new completions, construction starts and projects in development.


I lost or do not remember my password? What should I do?

Your password will be sent to you automatically or contact us directly at 561-744-6006 or and we will be happy to assist.

What are the differences between the 3 types of Memberships?

We offer three different types of membership to meet your needs. Visit for more information or you may reach us directly at 561-354-1617 or  to answer your questions.

Why haven’t I joined the NGF before?

There’s no time like the present. Call us today 561-364-1617 or join online. Visit benefits and

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, you are able to upgrade any time during your membership and we will prorate it. Contact us directly at 561-354-1617 or email

How can I join the Fortnight bi-weekly news perspective?

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