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May 24, 2024

After a significant increase in March rounds, April play was relatively flat on a national level compared to 2023 as several golf-rich regions of the country saw slight dips that are likely attributable to weather.

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April 2024 National Rounds Played
Golf Travel: A Growing Appetite and Impact
May 23, 2024

Golf travel is tied to approximately 40% of the game’s overall economic impact – over $40 billion annually – when accounting for the $31 billion in golf tourism-related expenditures in the U.S. as well as playing fees and associated costs at the nearly 1,200 golf resorts nationwide.

Destination golf, buddy trips, couples’ weekends, golf getaways; there are many names for it.

But suffice it to say, golf travel is big business.

Over two-thirds of the nearly 13 million Core golfers (8-or-more rounds a year) say they intend to take a golf-related trip in 2024, with increased expectations among younger cohorts.


As detailed in this related …


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The Revealing Complement Between Off and On-Course Golf
May 9, 2024

The term “off-course golf” can have different connotations when it comes to what people envision first.

Some picture an energy-filled, large-scale golf entertainment venue like Topgolf with its three levels, all-weather hitting bays and mixture of F&B and social interaction; predominantly friends and family hitting balls at targets within the tall-netted confines of a modern driving range.

Some think of screen golf – most frequently an indoor simulator in someone’s home, the clubhouse of a traditional golf course, at an instructional location or retail store, or a popular commercial venue with multiple bays (and bars) in a densely …


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March 2024 National Rounds Played
April 25, 2024

March rounds see biggest national jump since the 2021 rebound that followed 2020’s pandemic lockdowns

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New NGF Survey: Core Golfers
April 11, 2024

Early April is the time of year when millions of Americans — golfers and non-golfers alike — focus on golf more intently.

The Masters Tournament, golf's first major championship of the year, is synonymous with spring and the true start of the golf season, especially in northern parts of the country where courses (and golfers) are ramping up to full operational status. Golf companies, meanwhile, seize on the excitement the Masters creates among consumers by launching new equipment, apparel and accessories.

For our latest industry message about taking the pulse of the golf consumer, we looked broadly at the game's …


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Is Golf Really Experiencing a ‘Munissance’?
March 28, 2024

Over the past decade, there’s been a net gain of approximately 100 municipal golf facilities in the U.S.

And, as detailed in this Fortnight piece, municipal supply has increased by 5% during the current market correction that dates to 2006. During that 18-year stretch in which annual course closures have exceeded new openings, the number of daily fee public courses – from resorts to mom-and-pop operations – has declined by 17%.


There are three primary reasons for the supply increase in the municipal golf space, with conversions leading the way (by a significant margin) over new openings and “resurrections.”

While more than 150 municipal …


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February 2024 National Rounds Played
March 25, 2024

On a national level, February was the third-warmest on record. More than a dozen states had one of their three-warmest Februarys ever, particularly in parts of the Midwest that typically see golf courses still closed over the first few months of the year.

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