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Most Golf Resorts by State

There are more than 1,110 golf resort facilities in the U.S., two-thirds of which are standalone properties without a real estate component.

Rhode Island is the only state without a golf resort open to traveling golfers, while all-season states like California and Florida each have more than 100 in total. The accompanying graphic shows the states that rank in the Top 10 in total resort supply, which also generally tracks with overall golf supply.


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Overview: Golf’s $20B U.S. Travel Market

Want to know how many traveling golfers there are in the U.S. or which state has the most golf resorts? Look no further.

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NGF’s 2022 GolfSAT Award Winners

NGF recognizes 10 facilities in annual GolfSAT customer satisfaction awards

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Net Changes in U.S. Facility Supply

Since 2006, when golf course closures first started to outweigh openings in the U.S., total supply has declined by approximately 12%.

While short courses — Par 3 and Executive — represent only about 10% of the more than 16,000 courses nationwide, they've accounted for a higher proportion of closures than regulation courses during the ongoing market correction.


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The States With the Most Par 3 Courses

There are more Par 3 golf courses spread across the U.S. than the number of total golf courses found in countries like China, Spain, South Africa and Ireland.

While Par 3 supply has declined by about 27% since its peak, there are still almost 700 courses comprised of only par 3 holes, approximately 80% of which are of nine holes. Here are the Top 10 states in total Par 3 course supply. Only one state in the U.S. doesn't have a Par 3 course: Mississippi.


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