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Mid-Year Update: Retail & Equipment

June 20, 2024 Mid-Year Update: Retail & Equipment

The midway point of the year — on the heels of a dramatic U.S. Open and Father’s Day holiday, and during the peak of the golf season — is a good time to detail how golf equipment sales, retail and the broader appetite for golf goods is trending across the industry.

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Women & Girls Fueling Golf’s Growth

June 6, 2024

June is Women’s Golf Month and an appropriate time to note that some of the most significant golfer gains in recent years have been among female participants. A near record number of women and girls played golf on a course in 2023, the highest participation levels in the U.S. since 2006.

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New Heights for Golf Tourism?

May 23, 2024

The number of golfers traveling to play has been at or near record levels the past several years. And golfer surveys for 2024 show no sign of let-up when it comes to golf wanderlust.

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Are ‘Dualies’ Golf’s Best Customer?

May 9, 2024

It’s long been assumed that the traditional, green-grass golfer is golf’s best customer. But research shows it’s actually the committed participants who engage with the game both on course and off who really move the needle for play and spend.

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New Off-Course Retail Report Now Available

Member report details recent gains in golf retail sector
June 20, 2024

NGF’s annual update on off-course golf retail store supply in the U.S. through 2023 tracks the changes in the number of doors and square footage of regional/independent and national retailers.

Female Participation & Engagement Report Now Available

See the highlights from NGF's new member report
June 6, 2024

The recent positive momentum in the world of female golf participation hasn’t just been pandemic-fueled. The overall participant pool — when factoring both on- and off-course forms of the game — has risen 85% over the past decade, with nearly 15 million women and girls now playing golf in one of its increasingly various forms.

April 2024 National Rounds Played

Regional mix as YOY play remains relatively flat in April
May 24, 2024

After a significant increase in March rounds, April play was relatively flat on a national level compared to 2023 as several golf-rich regions of the country saw slight dips that are likely attributable to weather.

Golf Travel: A Growing Appetite and Impact

May 23, 2024

Golf travel is tied to approximately 40% of the game’s overall economic impact and is currently bigger business than ever. So, which states have the most golf resorts? Which metro areas have the most public golf per capita, and which states have the most rounds played by non-residents?

The Revealing Complement Between Off and On-Course Golf

Almost 10% of golfers got started away from the golf course, and ties run deeper
May 9, 2024

In each of the past two years, the number of Americans participating in off-course forms of golf has surpassed the total number of traditional, on-course players. But the off-course game is complementing the on-course game rather than passing it by. Here’s how.

March 2024 National Rounds Played

Strong spring start in northern climes lead to spikes in play
April 25, 2024

March rounds see biggest national jump since the 2021 rebound that followed 2020’s pandemic lockdowns


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