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2019 NGF Golf Business Symposium Content

Thank you for joining us at the 2019 Symposium. Mark your calendars for the 2020 event happening April 1-2 at the Four Seasons Las Colinas in Dallas, TX.


2019 State of the Golf Industry

NGF’s inside perspective on the state of the golf industry. This annual overview provides perspective, supported by data, on the state of the game, including the number of golfers, rounds played, facility development, off-course participation, reach and engagement. (PowerPoint slides with notes.)


Golf Industry Report - 2019 Edition

The Golf Industry Report compiles many of the game’s key data points in a single publication and was created to provide a more complete overview of the business of golf and the health of the game. The report includes the latest NGF data on golf participation, engagement, rounds-played, golf course supply and development, retail supply, golf equipment sales, and golf’s reach. (PDF)


Reframing Your Target Consumer - Gen "G"

Some in the golf industry look at the wave of retiring Baby Boomers as an economic windfall, while others expect a sharp falloff in business after they are gone. Millennials have garnered plenty of attention too, and many of the industry’s development programs are focused on Juniors. But what is really the sweet spot – The Golf Generation – for golf businesses? Dr. Alexis Abramson shares what golf can learn from other industries who are innovating to address generational impacts on their businesses. (PDF)



Currently in the U.S. there are 24 million people who play golf, but twice as many who express interest in doing so and haven’t taken a first step. At its core, WELCOME2GOLF is a market-by-market growth campaign that aims to trigger this rising population of interested non-golfers to, simply, go for it. WELCOME2GOLF will pilot in Denver in 2019. (PDF)

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