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Consulting Services

Go beyond the data. Leverage NGF’s specialized resources and expertise to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Custom Research

The NGF custom research team designs and executes qualitative and quantitative research studies to answer specific client questions.  How is my brand perceived vs. competition? What’s the appeal of a new product idea – and how can it be optimized? Who’s my best customer target?

The NGF research toolbox includes:

Qualitative techniques such as focus groups (in person or online), executive interviews, store intercepts/moment-of-truth

Quantitative research including tracking studies, concept testing, product optimization, pricing research, advertising effectiveness and more.  We utilize advanced analytics including conjoint modeling, choice driver analysis, consumer segmentation and need-gap analysis.

Through custom research, NGF strives to identify and optimize clients’ growth opportunities and leveraging our industry and business experience to provide guidance based on the research insights.

For More Information Contact:
David Lorentz

Chief Research Officer  |  561-354-1609


Market & Account Analytics

With nearly 15,000 golf facilities in the US, no company has the staff or resources to chase every sales opportunity.  And while it may be easy to identify the biggest green grass accounts and the iconic venues across the US, it becomes much more challenging to prioritize the next tiers – how to target and allocate limited business development resources.  NGF offers a range of analyses to help OEMs optimize their green grass business.

Database maintenance and Penetration Analysis is a simple first step. Understanding where clients are currently successful and where they are underdeveloped can provide strategic guidance to future business development.  Matching clients’ account database with NGF’s complete (and updated) facility database enables an analysis of the different states, regions and facility segments (e.g., public vs. private, premium vs. value) where their business is strongest and where they may have incremental growth opportunities.

For clients looking to optimize sales staff efficiency, NGF Account Tiering identifies specific accounts to prioritize for incremental sales and scores non-accounts according to their revenue potential.  Utilizing client sales data, proprietary NGF data on facilities and geographies, advanced modeling techniques are applied to assign green grass facilities (accounts and non-accounts into tiers to help guide sales priorities.

For More Information Contact:
Greg Nathan

Chief Business Officer

Syndicated Services

When multiple OEMs have similar information needs but the cost or feasibility is prohibitive for an individual company, syndicated research offers a cost effective approach.  Syndicated research may require cooperation among competitors, sharing sensitive company information with NGF which is aggregated and reported back – without compromising individual company data.  NGF is a trusted partner with many of the leading brands in golf, enabling these syndicated solutions.

NGF currently offers three syndicated products – and we’re always open to ideas from our members on new research products to serve the industry.

Industry Shipment Data (ISD) collects monthly shipment data from OEMs for clubs, balls, bags and gloves, and reporting overall industry volume and OEM share on a monthly basis (each OEM participating in ISD receives their own share, but do not have visibility to competitive share).

US and Canada Turf Brand Share (Turf) collects barn share of maintenance equipment (mowers, rollers, blowers, irrigation, etc.) and vehicles (utility vehicles and golf carts) via survey of golf facility superintendents and general managers (conducted biannually in the US and annually in Canada).  Turf subscribers receive trended reports for each category, including total barn share and recent purchase share, with views by facility type, region, etc.

Turf Brand Perceptions evaluates brand equity for the leading brands in key turf categories.  Superintendents and GMs complete annual surveys on 20 key performance attributes, category/brand purchase intent and net promoter.

For More Information Contact:
Clark Brown

Director of Research  |  561-354-1629


Facility Consulting

NGF’s facility consulting division has been providing advisory services to golf course owners, prospective owners, lenders and a broad spectrum of other clients for over 30 years. The NGF Consulting practice covers all areas of golf facility businesses and we provide services to public and private golf facilities, driving ranges, alternative golf facilities and other “specialty” golf facilities. The services offered by NGF Consulting cover a wide range of issues and challenges, which we can best summarize as providing valuable, independent strategic guidance to support key decisions in golf facility operations.

• Golf Market Analysis & Benchmarking
• Golf Facility Review of Operations
• Feasibility Studies – New Development, Renovation and Acquisition
• Strategic Planning
• Golf Facility Re-Purposing Studies
• Outsourcing Assistance
• Expert Witness

As the economic health of golf facilities is vital to the golf industry, the primary mission of NGF Consulting is to “help golf businesses succeed,” and this enhancement of economics is the highest priority in all of our consulting assignments. We recognize that some of today’s macro trends are affecting performance/outcomes for golf facilities.

We also know that each golf facility has specific challenges and opportunities, and that “all golf is local.” This perspective has allowed NGF’s consulting group to conduct insightful analysis and provide actionable strategic recommendations to our many clients – whether municipal, daily fee or private- over many years. NGFC has extensive “on-the-ground” experience and expertise that allows us to create solutions that can work for each individual golf facility and are consistent with defined industry best practices.

NGFC’S two principals and senior associate consultants, collectively, have more than 80 years’ experience in identifying solutions for golf facilities of all types and sizes.
For More Information Contact:
Richard Singer

Senior Director of Consulting Services

Ed Getherall

Director of Consulting Services

Email & Database Marketing

We Major in Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers is the lifeblood of any organization. NGF DIRECT helps clients reach very targeted prospect audiences and achieve optimal ROI on customer acquisition efforts.

Whether your target audience represents avid golfers or golf course decision-makers, NGF DIRECT has highly responsive database resources at its disposal covering all facets of the golf market.

Our team of experts will take the time to understand your business and what your best customer looks like (location, age, income, ability, rounds played, course type, professional title, etc.). NGF DIRECT will then identify a custom list of prospects that will respond and buy like your best customers.

Emails Campaigns, Direct Mail, Digital Advertising? Yes, NGF DIRECT helps clients determine the proper marketing mix and the ideal campaign sequencing to achieve desired results.

Expert direct marketing services to help companies acquire new customers, compete more effectively and generate more revenue.

  1. Email Campaigns
  2. Direct Mail Campaigns
  3. Data Licensing
  4. Database Subscriptions
  5. Lead Lists
  6. Strategic Marketing Guidance

Golfer Database of over 1 million records in the U.S.

  1. Avid Golfers
  2. Beginning Golfers
  3. Skilled Golfers
  4. Traveling Golfers
  5. Affluent Golfers
  6. Golfers living in golf communities that still can’t break 100 (actually, yes we can target them too!)

Worldwide golf course database with thousands of decision maker contacts:

  1. Golf Professionals
  2. Superintendents
  3. General Managers
  4. Owners
  5. Management Companies

Proprietary Golf Supply/Demand Data for campaign targeting.

For More Information Contact:
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