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2022 NGF Golf Business Symposium

The Evolution of Golf – Energizing the Future of the Recreational Game

More than 125 executive members who attended this year’s NGF Symposium in Charlotte, North Carolina, walked away with a better understanding of how the game and business of golf continue to evolve, and how these changes may affect them – in the present and in years to come. We’re incredibly appreciative of their time, interest and support in what’s always a signature event on NGF’s calendar. 

State of Industry

As in previous years, Symposium guests received the NGF’s debut presentation of the State of the Game and Business of Golf, including a dive into emerging trends and a data-driven perspective on how the game is moving forward after another unprecedented year for our business. We shared both broad and granular looks at the golf economy and the dynamics and insights that will impact the overall business and your business.

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The Impacts of Off-Course Golf

These days, there are more ways to actively engage with golf than ever before. From Topgolf and Toptracer to X-Golf and Puttery, the onramps to “green grass” have never been as abundant or approachable. And yet their effects on both the traditional game and industry overall remain somewhat unclear. In this presentation, our team shares new research and findings on the roles and impacts of golf’s expanding ecosystem. 

The Evolution of Broadcast Media in Golf

In just over 60 years, we’ve gone from watching Arnold Palmer winning the Masters on an antennae-topped TV console to streaming every birdie. Coverage of golf events is broader and deeper than ever, with major championships followed on dedicated apps, video feeds of featured groups, and customization so you’ll never miss your favorite players’ shots. In this panel discussion, we examine the myriad changes in how golf fans are consuming golf events and reflecting on fragmentation in the modern media world. 

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The Future of Off-Course Golf

The proliferation of alternative golf experiences shows no signs of slowing down, presenting hundreds of approachable away-from-the-course opportunities to engage with the game. 2021 was the year the number of off-course golf participants surpassed the number of green grass golfers for the first time, fueled by the explosive trajectory of golf entertainment, simulators, and other new-age family-friendly concepts. Looking ahead, we discuss how short we can make the trip from the couch to the course.