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NGF Stra(tee)gic Planning Retreat

Friday, October 23, 2020

1:00pm - 5:00pm EST

Let's face it, time on the course has been more valuable than ever this year. But for many of us, the ability to actually get out on the course has been more challenging than ever. Especially during work hours.

Good news … the National Golf Foundation is here to help, giving you an excuse to get away from the office (home or otherwise) with a virtual 'meeting' that we can all get behind.

Please accept our invitation to an NGF Stra(tee)gic Planning Retreat by following one of the links below, which will block your calendar from 1PM to 5PM on Friday, October 23rd. The real meeting (wink, wink) will take place at your favorite course – playing a bonus workweek round with friends, family and/or colleagues. You take care of the greens fee, we’ll take care of the alibi.

Now that we’ve got you covered, go enjoy that epic round during a beautiful autumn day. Oh, and hit us up on your social with a post, video or photo that says why you love golf using the hashtag: #NGFgolfbecause.

Autumn is golf’s best season, why not celebrate by squeezing in a Friday afternoon round? Er ... meeting.

We’ll be out there, as will thousands of other golfers. Hope you’ll join, too.

In case your boss won't believe you, download your "Official" event credentials here.

Strategic Planning Retreat