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Looking Back at 2021… Looking Forward to 2022

Hey, Ted (aka Hollywood) here. So, I snuck into Joe’s office and commandeered his bi-weekly message from NGF for this week.

First… CONGRATULATIONS! You did it. You didn’t just get through 2021, you (and golf) rocked 2021!

There was no script. No “here’s how…” instructions. No manual to go by. Yet you did it, and you succeeded. Reach over your shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back.

I’ll wait.

Having said that, I hope you’re ready for the many wonderful opportunities 2022 will bring. I know I am. It’s why I stole Joe’s spot this week. I wanted to share (and maybe humblebrag a bit) some exciting NGF news with you.

  • This month we’re launching a totally redesigned website, filled with new content, interactive maps, and a section called “The Vault.” Click on the below screenshot image of the forthcoming landing page for a 60-second teaser.


  • With the website redesign, our best-in-industry research team believes one size shouldn’t fit all when it comes to content. So, we’re creating a variety: bite-sized posts, 300-500 word viewpoints, even longer in-depth articles, and the traditional multi-page publications and reports relied upon by many. Think of it like a buffet. Appetizers for some, soup and salad for others, side dishes for those who want more… and then there’s the bone-in ribeye for those who want their fill! Oh, and you’ll want to check back often since our team is dedicated to producing new and time-relevant content with greater frequency. Here’s an example of a bite-sized post that provides a snapshot of the evolution in golf participation:

  • Next up, our members mean the world to us. It’s their support that makes what we do possible, from our extensive industry research during these unprecedented times to our Welcome2Golf (W2G) grow-the-game initiative specifically designed to take advantage of the opportunity at hand and turn adult non-golfers into long-term golfers. I’d be remiss if I didn’t urge our loyal non-member readers out there to join our growing community. Let’s figure out how we can help you and your business succeed even more in 2022.
  • Finally… planning on attending the PGA Show this month? Our NGF team would love to see you in person. Swing by room #W208A just off the main floor to ask us questions, sit in on informative presentations, or simply say “Hi!” Be on the lookout for a schedule of our events.

I could go on, but I’ll stop and save more for when I see you at the PGA Show.

2022 is going to be great! Be ready to enjoy your BEST year of your life in both business and happiness.

Joseph Beditz
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