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New Golf Facilities in the U.S. Report Now Available

As it has for a handful of years now, U.S. golf supply is holding relatively steady with around 16,000 golf courses at approximately 14,000 facilities.

At the end of 2023, there were 15,963 courses at 13,963 U.S. golf facilities.

Overall golf supply in the U.S. continues to exceed the total number of courses found in the next 10 best-supplied golf countries in the world combined. The U.S. has more than three times as many golf courses as Japan (which ranks second globally) and is home to approximately 42% of the worldwide golf supply in total.

Given the abundance of supply in the world’s richest golf market, course closures continue to outweigh new openings – a trend that extended to a 17th year in 2023 – but the pace has slowed considerably the past four years. The question is whether we’ve seen the end of the U.S. golf market correction, one that was precipitated by overbuild and oversupply, and catalyzed in the late 2000s by the Great Recession and the burst of the housing bubble.

For more, including a comprehensive annual summary of supply in the U.S., the 2024 Golf Facilities in the U.S. Report is now available to NGF members for download.

Key data through year-end 2023 includes a look back on the past year in the U.S golf industry, with detailed information on total supply by state and region, a breakdown of supply by facility type, golf courses in-planning and under construction, the latest openings and closures, golf accessibility by MSA and more.



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