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NGF Top 100 Businesses in Golf Criteria


An evaluation of a company's revenue or earnings -- in the overall industry or their particular sector -- based on information acquired through industry executives, quarterly earnings, reliable third-party data such as Dun & Bradstreet reports, or the NGF's best estimation.


This is a subjective measure of how much influence, importance or overall clout the particular company has throughout the golf industry.

Contribution To The Growth & Vitality Of The Game:

An assessment of what a company/organization is doing to help grow the game and foster golf's overall vitality, from making the game more accessible and approachable to broadening the diversity of its overall participant and consumer base. This metric is a cornerstone of the NGF's mission.


This focuses on how prominent or well-known a company, business or organization is within the entire golf industry. Is it a household name? How much does the company, brand or organization stand out?

Growth Rate & Success:

What is the overall trajectory of the company? Has it shown upward momentum in recent years? Is it successful enough to continue growing and expanding?


Is this particular company or organization a leader or trailblazer in its category? This is looking at a specific segment rather than the industry as a whole.


Has the company or organization introduced something - an idea, method, device or technology - that's new and different? Have they offered an original application or a solution that meets existing market needs? Have they effectively created their own niche within the golf business?