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November 2019 National Rounds Played

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Rounds of golf for November 2019 rose 9.8% nationally compared to a year ago thanks to significantly less precipitation in six of eight geographic regions, with more favorable weather helping extend the golf season from Boston to St. Louis.

A year earlier, November’s rounds-played numbers were historically bad, with the biggest negative decline (-18.8%) for a single month since March 2013.

With one month of data outstanding from 2019, the year-to-date rounds-played figure is up 1.3%, a trend that would put the year-end number for total rounds in the neighborhood of 439 million. In 2018 – the third-wettest year for the continental U.S. dating back to 1895 – the number of rounds played dipped to 434 million after hovering around 460 million for the previous five years.

November of 2019 saw notable precipitation declines in the Mid Atlantic (-73%), New England (-63%), South Atlantic (-57), Pacific (-54%), South Central (-34%) and East North Central (-27%), presumably yielding more opportunities for golfers to play.

In Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, the number of rounds played were up 71% for the month. In Pittsburgh, they jumped over 58% year-over-year and in the New York City area, the rise was just under 50%. In and around the nation’s capital, from Washington D.C. to Baltimore, the increase was 37%. Rounds played rose almost 67% in St. Louis and 58% in Kansas City, while the West Coast saw a 35% increase in the San Francisco/Oakland area and a 22% boost around Seattle.

National Rounds Played
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