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October 2018 National Rounds Played

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Rounds of golf for October 2018 dropped 10.3% compared to a year ago as average temperatures dipped in many of the major golf regions, including in parts of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

A greater frequency of unfavorable golf weather — unseasonably cold temperatures, storms or heavier-than-normal precipitation — is a primary reason the national year-to-date rounds-played total was down 3.9% through October.

Fall felt more like Winter in several regions, including the Mid-Atlantic, during parts of October. Rounds-played in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania were down 21% compared to a year ago as the average temperature for the month was more than five degrees colder.

Rounds-played declined 19.1% in the East North Central, which is home to golf-rich states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana, as the average temperature also dropped almost five degrees in that region. The story was similar in New England (-17.1%) and the West North Central (-15.4%) as colder temperatures kept more golfers away from the course.

The Mountain and South Central Regions saw rounds decline due to precipitation levels that were considerably higher than the same time a year ago. In Texas and its surrounding states, rounds-played were down 13.9%.

Only five states saw play increase by more than 2% during October: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Oregon and Hawaii.

National Rounds Played
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