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Golf and the Millennial Generation


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NGF’s Golf and the Millennial Generation, a comprehensive examination of 18- to 34-year-old golfers and non-golfers, details the attitudes, behaviors and perceptions of this age cohort’s relationship with golf. The report looks deeply into the assumptions that millennials’ progressive lifestyles, preferences and stressed finances are misaligned with golf’s traditional sensibilities and pay-for-play nature. Currently, more than six million millennials play approximately 90 million rounds and spend $5 billion on golf annually.

This report is the product of a two-year undertaking where more than 1,500 millennials provided insight on the current and future health of golf’s brand. NGF partnered with KS&R, a global market research firm, and FutureCast, a leading national expert on millennial marketing and research, to develop this first-of-its-kind report.

Publisher:  National Golf Foundation
Published: 2015
Format:  PDF, 75 pages