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NGF’s reports and publications are free to members, providing data and intel to make better-informed decisions. Browse our catalog, from annual reports on participation and golf course supply to more focused reports on key golfer segments and business categories.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask. We’ve learned a lot in our 80-year history and chances are we have insights that will help. 

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2020 Golf Industry Report

Golf Industry Report

The Golf Industry Report compiles many of the…

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Rounds Played Summary

The National Rounds Played Summary provides an overview…

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Golf Instruction Report

An inside look at the $1 billion golf…

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Off-Course Golf Specialty Retail

NGF’s annual update on off-course golf retail store…

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Summary of Golf Participation in the U.S.

This one-page summary of consumer engagement in golf…

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Golf Participation in the U.S.

The NGF has surveyed Americans regarding golf participation…

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Summary of Golf Facilities in the U.S.

This one-page summary includes a look at golf…

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Golf Facilities in the U.S.

This comprehensive report provides an overview of golf…

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Golf Media – Consumer Engagement

The NGF’s latest study finds that one in…

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Golf Travel Report

Some golfers travel near and far to find…

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Technology and Golf’s Best Customer

Changing and emerging technologies are affecting golf in…

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The Future of Off-Course Participation

As franchises like Topgolf, Drive Shack and indoor…

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NGF State of the Golf Industry

From golf course supply to consumer demand, NGF’s…

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Golf and the Millennial Generation

NGF’s Golf and the Millennial Generation, a comprehensive examination…

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The 2016 U.S. Golf Economy Report

The game of golf drove $84.1 billion of…

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Golf Around the World

There are golf courses in 209 of the…

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