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November 2017 National Golf Rounds Played

Click to view the full November 2017 National Golf Round Played Report.

Click image to view the full November 2017 National Golf Rounds Played Report.

National rounds-played were down 2.9% year-to-date through November 2017. While the winter months account for a smaller percentage of total annual rounds, they can influence the annual, year-to-date figure up or down slightly, depending on the magnitude of the change.

Rounds on a national level were down 13.3% in November 2017 compared to the same period a year ago (which were up 11%).  While the change in rounds-played varied by geography, the decline for the month was driven primarily by cooler temperatures in much of the country and more precipitation in the South Atlantic region, which consists of a disproportionately larger percentage of facility supply and rounds. According to Weather Trends International, the overall national temperature was down 3.1% in November 2017 compared to November 2016.  Reported rounds increases in several southern states from Alabama and Arizona to Texas helped offset some of the decline for the month.


National Rounds Played
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