Edward Getherall

Director of Consulting Services

Since I was a kid growing up in Queens, I always wanted to be a sportswriter, covering my favorite NYC sports teams (the mythical Oscar Madison was my hero). While that dream never came to pass, I have been able to put my great love for writing, business analysis, and golf to perfect use in my 18 years in NGF's consulting department. NGF has also afforded me the opportunity to travel the entire country - including Alaska and Hawaii - and to such locales as Aruba and Puerto Rico. I'm proud, and grateful, to be part of a very talented NGF team that is fully invested in contributing positively to the golf industry.

All Time Favorite Player

Fred Couples

What's Your Miss?


Favorite Club in Your Bag

3 wood

What's Your First Golf Memory

Playing Dyker Beach Golf Course in Brooklyn with my late Uncle Howard

Favorite Sports Movie?

Eight Men Out


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