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Erik Matuszewski

Editorial Director

It didn’t take long to realize I couldn’t make a living playing golf. It took a bit longer to discover I could focus on the stories within the game and industry. After spending more than two decades writing and editing sports and sports business stories, my role overseeing the NGF’s editorial and content efforts has provided the opportunity to pursue a passion. I shook Arnold Palmer’s meaty hand, compared physiques with Gary Player and listened to stories from Jack Nicklaus. I’ve crisscrossed the country playing hundreds of courses, one time playing two different U.S. Open venues on opposite coasts in consecutive days. I traveled to China to play Pine Valley (not that one), drove 20 straight hours from New Jersey to Florida to make a tee time, and have flubbed shots playing alongside six major champions. Arnie said golf is the greatest game mankind has ever invented; I agree.


It briefly dipped into single digits the year before taking this job.

If You Could Play Anywhere in the World?

As a born and bred New Jersey guy, I'd be remiss if I didn't say Pine Valley.

Favorite Club in Your Bag

Love/hate relationship with all of them

What's Your First Golf Memory

With a garage sale 3-wood and a tennis ball in hand, spending days creating my own ever-changing golf course on the hundreds of acres of open field surrounding the business complex across the street from my childhood home.

Lifetime Holes in One

0 and counting