Greg Nathan

Chief Business Officer

Okay, so I'm obsessed with the game and business of golf and relentlessly searching for improvement in both. I'm incredibly fortunate to work in an industry that is also my passion. I'm constantly analyzing the relationships between businesses, the markets where they operate, their unique selling propositions, and their customers. Then I look at the best ways to strategically apply NGF's substantial assets to help members/clients sell their wares... and provide the counsel and data to help them make their smartest decisions from a position of knowledge leadership.

What Are You Most Likely to Order at the 19th Hole?

Tequila... I always need more shots (get it?)

Preferred Type of Inclement Weather?

Hail (golf ball sized, of course)

What's Your Miss?


If You Could Play Anywhere in the World?

St. Andrews Old Course


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People join the NGF because they believe in being smarter about the golf industry.  They want to stay on top of trends and have access to the industry’s most accurate and objective measures of the game’s vitality. Joining the NGF means connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who support the NGF’s efforts to influence golf’s long-term success. Memberships underwrite the many research projects and publications that NGF produces on behalf of the industry.

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