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Hannah Haltom

Marketing Coordinator

With a love for golf and a background in marketing, I've found the perfect blend of my two passions. My journey in golf started in middle school when my dad discovered how many women's college golf scholarships go unused, it's a lot!! After a few lessons and some new clubs, I found my love for the sport, and quickly realized how challenging it was! This led me to pursue a collegiate career, where I learned many important life skills that continue to translate into my everyday life. After graduating with a finance degree, I quickly realized that my passion was in marketing and helping brands grow through innovative strategies online and offline. Now, I have the privilege of helping the NGF implement new marketing strategies for growth and I could not think of a more rewarding career!

Favorite Course Played

Royal Hawaiian Golf Club

What Are You Most Likely to Order at the 19th Hole?

A Hot Dog!! And maybe tequila soda

Preferred Type of Inclement Weather?

75 degrees and a light drizzle

What's Your Miss?

Topped into the water

Favorite Club in Your Bag