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The Q’s Holiday Golf Gift Guide

Even though wintry weather is forcing golfers to put away their clubs in many regions of the country, golf is always a significant part of the holiday season.

In fact, NGF research finds that almost one in every 10 Americans plans to purchase a golf-related gift for a friend or family member.

Whether it’s new clubs for a spouse, a training aid for dad, an accessory for a frequent playing partner or a sleeve of golf balls for a co-worker, that 10% gift-giving rate compares favorably to the U.S. golf participation rate, which is just north of 8% of the population. That suggests almost every golfer can expect to receive a golf-related gift for the holidays, or, perhaps some fortunate golfers might be on the receiving end of multiple gifts they can use on or off the course.

Of those purchasing golf‑related gifts during the holiday season (or buying for their kids), almost 40% said they plan to spend more than $100.

Golf balls are the gift of choice of more than half (55%) of those shopping for holiday presents. Golf apparel is a close second, with more than 45% of gift‑givers opting for items such as shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, socks, hats or outerwear. Here’s a look at some other unique holiday ideas for any golfer:


Chances are you’ve used some kind of a swing weight to practice or warm up prior to a round of golf. But do you actually use that device to hit balls? You can with Gelstx. Not only that, but the weighted training shafts allow golfers to use their own driver head to practice and train. Gelstx, made in conjunction with Fujikura, are 2 ½ times heavier than a standard retail shaft and are designed to help golfers improve their ball speed and club head speed. They flex like a typical shaft, with flexes ranging from senior to extra stiff, and are compatible with 10 of the biggest driver brands in the game.


Whether for at home, the club’s grill room or in the office, Stroke of Luck combines putting with card games of chance like poker, blackjack and high/low. It was developed after one of the company’s founders attended yet another charity golf event that got rained out. The putting green-quality carpet mat (which comes in sizes of 3×9 and 4×12) is imprinted with the faces of a full deck of randomly arranged cards and has a Stimpmeter reading of approximately 10-11. There are six different teeing positions too, with players rolling a die to determine where they putt from, and even ways to incorporate “break” in the putts. Your putting skills will determine the hand you’re dealt.


There’s good reason REKS is developing such a visible presence in the golf business. You’ve got a game played entirely outdoors that’s dependent on a good visual experience and, as most golfers can attest, broken sunglasses in the golf cart or golf bag aren’t uncommon. REKS stands out because of its unbreakable frame coupled with premium shatter-resistant lens material. The latest edition is the company’s new high-performance Trivex color-boosting sun lenses for golf that improve the contrast between colors. What does that mean for you on the course? Better optical clarity in sunny conditions, whether you’re picking a target off the tee or reading undulations on the green.



As winter weather comes to many parts of the country, research shows a higher percentage of golfers start traveling to warm weather golf destinations. The downside of these getaways is the hassle of lugging golf clubs through the airport, not to mention the risk of loss. Ship Sticks minimizes travel headaches for golfers, coordinating club shipments to or from anywhere in the world. An NGF Top 100 golf business, Ship Sticks works with more than 3,500 golf facilities worldwide – so when a golfer arrives at his or her destination, their golf clubs will already be there, safe and sound. Want to go bag free altogether? Ship Sticks can now ship all your luggage ahead of time. See how to save $25 on your order: 



SkyTrak offers a personal, portable and innovative indoor launch monitor that instantly delivers 3D shot analysis and ball-flight data. There’s also a high-definition simulation package to enhance the experience. NGF research finds that almost half of all golfers have used a launch monitor, but only about 5% of them use them frequently. SkyTrak delivers the technology to practice and play like a pro at any time and in a variety of ways, with insights that can take your game to the next level. See how to save $300 on SkyTrak and SkyTrak packages:



The reality is that not all golf brands fit the same. With Bogeybox, golf apparel is curated to your liking after telling a stylist about your fit, style and budget. You have five days to try everything on at home and then keep what you want. Bogeybox works with more than 50 top brands, from FootJoy, Nike Golf and Under Armor to Mizzen + Main, Holderness & Bourne and Devereux. Bogeybox and its sister company, Sunday Friday Clothing, are partnering this holiday on business casual clothing kits that save you as much as 60% off. There’s even free shipping if you use the code “BOGEYBOX.” 


There’s a good chance that the gift every golfer would like for the holidays is lower scores. The Swing Align training aid is a start down that path, helping create a more “connected” swing from a proper set-up position. The result is a more stable and powerful move through the ball. Designed to help golfers line up square to their target, the device uses muscle memory to develop a repeatable golf swing (with more power and accuracy) by keeping their arms and body synchronized when rotating. Swing Align’s website features not only instructional tips from top teachers, but seasonal offers. 

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