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April 2018

Following the (Golf) Trail that Started them All

The RTJ Golf Trail has helped boost the Alabama economy through golf tourism and travel. It’s also set the standard for dozens of golf trails that have followed across the U.S., marrying marketing efforts and co-opetition to boost visibility and, hopefully, the bottom line.

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February 2018 National Rounds Played

February rounds-played were down 8.5% across the U.S., bringing the national, year-to-date total to -7.2% compared to a year ago. Much of the country was still in the off-season in February, facing cooler temperatures and greater precipitation than the same period in 2017.

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VIDEO: Teed Up With… Toro’s Bill Brown

Bill Brown, Group Vice President for The Toro Company, talks about his time in the golf industry, challenges for course operators and advancements in turfcare technology.

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Non-Traditional Golf Events Woo Millennials

In order to appeal to a younger demographic, some golf companies and courses are taking a non-traditional approach with their events.

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