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Erik Matuszewski

Erik is the Editorial Director for the NGF. Before joining the National Golf Foundation, he spent more than two decades with Bloomberg News, both as a writer and editor, with a focus on sports business and the golf industry. The New Jersey resident has also written about golf for outlets that include Forbes, LINKS and the Met Golfer.

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Can Mini Golf Influence Interest in Traditional Golf?

As new golf entertainment versions of mini golf crop up, with investment from prominent names like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, it leads to inevitable questions about the impact these kinds of ‘golf’ experiences might have on interest in playing on a real golf course.

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That’s a Bit of a Reach…

Almost 1-in-9 Americans are active golfers, whether that’s playing on a golf course, hitting balls at a driving range, or swinging and socializing at golf entertainment venues. More people played golf in some form last year than participated in basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer or skiing.

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Golf Destinations Anticipate Strong Travel Season

After some understandable limitations on golf travel the past two years, particularly in 2020 after the initial coronavirus outbreak, indications are that golf travel in the U.S. is poised for a strong season. 

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A Longer Look at Short Course Supply

Short courses have accounted for over 1/4 of new course development over the past decade – a number of highly-visible examples at resort properties – despite accounting for 10% of overall supply.

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Record Beginners: Opportunities and Obstacles

A record 6.2 million beginners have taken up golf in the U.S. over the past two years of the coronavirus pandemic. Overall participation has grown over that time, but not nearly to that extent.

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