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Personal Perspective from NGF President & CEO Greg Nathan

President's Post: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

2023 was a very positive year for the golf business. The professional game has a way of dominating the media narrative on golf – and there was no shortage of passionate opinion in the coverage of competing tours and distance regulation.  However, the recreational side of the game might actually be the bigger story, thriving with a continued resurgence not seen in decades.

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Golf Sustainability Podcast - Dec. 2023

Greg sits in with host John Failla for an in-depth exploration of the dynamic world of off-course golf and its profound impact on the golf industry. Greg presents data on the remarkable growth of off-course golf participation and underscores the pivotal role of off-course golf in making golf more accessible and enjoyable, particularly for newcomers and casual players

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NGCOA's Golf Business LIVE - Dec. 2023

Greg joins Jay Karen (CEO, NGCOA) and Don Rea, PGA (Vice President, PGA of America) to recap an eventful year in golf for 2023 and look ahead at what’s in store for 2024. Greg shares the latest industry data, discusses golf's dress code culture, and talks about takeaways from the NCGOA's 2024 Golf Industry Compensation and Benefits Report, for which NGF's research team helped survey owners and operators.

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The Fried Egg Podcast

Greg speaks with Garrett Morrison, host of The Fried Egg golf podcast, about the state of the golf industry. Greg and Garrett discuss the nature of recreational golf's "pandemic-era bump," the overall health of the golf business, the future of golf course development, new courses, and more.

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Nathan Succeeds Mentor as New CEO

“I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to build on NGF’s legacy of leadership,” said Nathan, who joined the organization in 2007 following seven years with GOLF Magazine/ “Joe (Beditz) has been a fantastic steward of the company and I’m grateful for his mentorship. Our team is dedicated to enhancing NGF’s capabilities to help the industry and the companies that operate in this amazing business.”

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