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Corporate Headquarters: Orlando, Florida


Category: Media and Technology


Henri Johnson, Founder and CEO

Madelein Nel, Chief Operating Officer

Tom Johnson, Chief Technical Officer

Johan Immelman, Director of Marketing

Cornelia Venter, Group Financial Manager

FlightScope is an industry leader and pioneer in tracking and analyzing sports performance data. Within the golf space, this includes the development and manufacturing of high-tech 3D Doppler Ball Tracking Monitors, Radars & Launch Monitors.

(Image courtesy: FlightScope)

FlightScope was founded in 1989 when its proprietary technology was originally used to track projectiles for the defense industry and still has a prominent presence in that sector across more than 24 countries.

The company eventually realized the potential impact of Doppler radar on the sports industry, including golf, cricket, tennis, baseball and more. FlightScope began the development of golf ball tracking technology in 1997 and commercialized FlightScope Golf in 2002. Since then, the company has become an industry leader with countless product innovations over the years.

Among the groundbreaking inventions it has designed and engineered are: the world’s first autonomous cricket bowling speed radar (1992), the first 3D Doppler radar in golf (2000), the first accurate tennis serve speed radar (2001), the first 3D Doppler radar for golf simulators – called “FlightScope TBox” (2002), the first 3D Doppler radar for golf driving ranges – called “FlightScope The Game,” which included game software and in-bay TV monitors (2003).

Additionally, FlightScope was the first to launch a portable wireless tracking radar and also the first to integrate 3D Doppler tracking into television broadcasts, as showcased at the 2004 Nedbank Golf Challenge and Battle at the Bridges exhibition match.

Today, FlightScope products are used by players, coaches, instructors, club fitters and equipment manufacturers to measure and analyze every aspect of performance with unmatched accuracy – providing 27 measurements of ball and club head parameters.

FlightScope develops golf products with applications for the course, range, and simulator. The Mevo, Mevo+, and the Mevo+ with Pro package lines are the company’s primary product lines for general consumers. The products offer golfers accurate swing and ball flight tracking with additional data collection for chipping and putting metrics.

Most recently, FlightScope partnered with Titleist to integrate the company’s Radar Tracking Technology (RCT) to improve the accuracy and performance of its Mevo+ and X3 launch monitors in indoor environments. 

FlightScope’s accuracy and ease-of-use has attracted the attention of one of the game’s most analytical minds. Bryson DeChambeau, who utilizes the company’s high-end X3 product, has often been seen utilizing the product on the range during tournament weeks. In addition to the benefits of Mevo+, the X3 tracker offers the FlightScope Environmental Optimizer which allows the user to configure the impact of altitude, air temperature, wind speed/direction, humidity, temperature, and relative landing height to better understand how these factors affect shots. Other notable names to endorse FlightScope products include Bubba Watson, Matt Fitzpatrick, Hideki Matsuyama, Charl Schwartzel, and Scott Stallings.


Renowned for ease-of-use, FlightScope’s high-tech products help golfers improve through the accurate measurement and analysis of the club head and ball launch. The brand’s products can routinely be found on lists of top launch monitors from some of golf’s largest publications and their low cost makes the products available to a wider range of consumers.

FlightScope is an unquestioned industry pioneer within the golf technology space, with a notable presence given the game’s prominence as one of the nation’s leading participation sports.

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