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Corporate Headquarters: San Diego, California

Website: http://www.lamkingrips.com

Category: Equipment


Bob Lamkin, President & CEO

Mike Peters, COO

Jason Bustamante, Director of Worldwide Sales


Lamkin Grips was established in 1925 when company founder, Elver Lamkin, began crafting premium leather grips from his home in the suburbs of Chicago. The company remains family-owned to this day and delivers one of the widest assortments of performance-enhancing golf grips in the industry.

In the 1960s, the company was in the care of Elver’s son Robert E. Lamkin. It was during this time that the company began manufacturing leather and rubber grips, eventually adding synthetic rubber grips, in order to provide golfers with a more affordable and consistent-feeling golf grip. Throughout this period in the company’s history, Lamkin continues to be an industry pioneer in new materials, manufacturing processes and texture innovations to provide performance advantages to players.

The company is now in the hands of the third generation of Lamkin’s with Bob Lamkin, Elver’s grandson, serving as president and CEO. In the interest of continuous development the brand has successfully implemented expansion strategies to reach customers all over the world thanks to distribution and manufacturing partners across the globe.

Lamkin has been a primary grip supplier to premium OEMs for more than 90 years and players using the company’s grips have won more than 100 PGA Tour events and collected more than $300 million in Tour earnings.

(Photo credit: Lamkingrips.com)


While Lamkin grips have seen plenty of success across the major golf tours, the company’s most significant relationship was its nearly 60-year affiliation with one of the most well-known golfers in the history of the game, Arnold Palmer. Palmer played the company’s leather grips and was instrumental in growing the brand’s popularity.

Lamkin is also well known for its innovative Putter Grip Fitting System that can be found at the company’s retail partners around the world. The system allows customers to quickly and easily demo a variety of putting grips using the company’s Click-on-Grip technology. Customers can simply select the grip they would like to try and snap it onto the putter base. Lamkin also provides a guide in order to help golfers select the best grip for their particular putting stroke.

Overall, Lamkin has a strong track record of success and a large selection of golf grips to meet the needs of any player.


A relatively small company that did all its manufacturing in Chicago, Lamkin looked as though it wouldn’t be able to compete with larger foreign companies with lower manufacturing costs. Robert E. Lamkin successfully transitioned to a global manufacturing business model and eventually moved to their current San Diego headquarters.

Robert J. Lamkin, the company’s current CEO, further expanded production capabilities with multiple worldwide manufacturing facilities.

It proved to be the right choice, as Lamkin today remains well positioned as one of the largest grip producers in golf.

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