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Corporate Headquarters: Yorktown, Virginia

Website: https://mygolfspy.com/

Category: Media and Technology


Adam Beach, founder and owner

Tony Covey, Editor

Phillip Bishop, Hard Goods/Golf Club Testing Manager

Chris Nickel, Director of Business Development

MyGolfSpy continues its growth as of the game’s most popular websites when it comes to avid golfers, replacing hype and marketing with cold, hard data to inform and protect consumers.

In many respects, MyGolfSpy is the de facto “Consumer Reports for golf” when it comes to equipment, apparel, accessories and more. The popular website is up to about 17 million unique readers annually, building a loyal and passionate following in one of the nation’s leading participation sports.

Founder Adam Beach launched the MyGolfSpy website in 2010 as a community forum that delved into deep equipment debates in online chat rooms. Increasing interest and appetite gave rise to a dedicated facility in Virginia for independent and rigorous testing of all equipment golfers buy and other things they employ, from shafts, heads, putters and balls, to shoes, lines on balls and putting with the flagstick in or out.

For 12 hours a day, MyGolfSpy has hundreds of golfers coming through its facility to test products. Protocols are stringent, variables are reduced and statistical significance is critical.

“We needed to create a platform that was about performance and not marketing, pure and simple. I wanted to flip it on its head,” said Beach, who originally started one of the first golf commerce sites on the internet in the late 1990’s before selling and starting MyGolfSpy. “I wanted to make the cream of the crop rise to the top and all the other bullshit that had been peddled to golfers for decades go away. Somebody needed to clean this up and say, ‘Alright, what exactly is worth my money?’”

MyGolfSpy’s influence is significant.

Back in 2016, the website helped fuel the craze around an early run of Costco’s Kirkland Signature golf balls, and several years later spurred Callaway to invest $50 million to improve quality control at its ball-making plant after exposing issues with an off-center core. In addition, for some smaller companies, recognition received from the site has meant the difference between relevance and toiling in obscurity.

“Some of these people make the best products in the world, but no one had ever heard of them, and no one would have ever heard of them if it wasn’t for a platform similar to MyGolfSpy that leveled the playing field,” Beach said. “Those companies could not afford to put their name in front of people, serious golfers, 365 days a year, and keep their name on the tip of golfers’ tongues without going bankrupt because it was too damn expensive to buy ads.”


The equation was simple for MyGolfSpy founder Adam Beach: will a particular product a golfer is getting ready to buy help or hurt their game?

To that end, everything the website does and says has a foundation on cold, hard data, with MyGolfSpy challenging all claims with scientific measurement and analysis to provide independent and unbiased reviews. MyGolfSpy’s mission is to “bring power to the player” through a system based on truth rather than hype, and performance rather than marketing.

And it doesn’t hurt that many among the 25 million+ recreational golfers in the U.S. are driven by the unending pursuit of improvement.

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