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Prestwick Golf Group

Corporate Headquarters: Sussex, Wisconsin


Category: Turf & Course Suppliers


Matt Morse, Founder

Mike Fryatt, President

Chris Brown, VP of Marketing

Mark Hammer, Chief Operating Officer

Steve Syrjala, Director of Sales

Since 1997 Prestwick Golf Group has assisted golf industry professionals to make each round unforgettable by enhancing the overall look and experience of members or guests with their premium golf property furnishings.

Prestwick produces products for all aspects of the golf course from clubhouse and bag drop, practice areas, greens areas and grounds, tee boxes, towel solutions, beverage solutions, signage, waste and recycling, and furniture.

Prestwick’s products have been featured in over 60 countries around the world, over 85 of America’s 100 greatest courses, and 46 PGA TOUR venues. All products are built to order from recycled plastic material and solid hardwood to ensure that they fit the unique aspects of the property and its vision.

Prestwick Golf Group can customize a bag drop that’s tailored to your course’s aesthetic and creates an unforgettable first impression. (Photo credit: Prestwick Golf Group)


The company started out in 1997 as Great Lakes Golf Course Products, primarily making markers and course accessories in their 1,000-square-foot facility in Nashotah, Wisconsin. The company’s founder, Matt Morse, began envisioning a wider breadth of coordinating property furnishings, ultimately pioneering a new space the company would come to define within the industry.

Over the next 10 years, the company continued to grow and soon outgrew its original manufacturing facilities, moving to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin in 2007. It was at that time that the company also changed its name from Great Lakes Golf Course Products to the current name, Prestwick Golf Group. By this time, the company had worked with a majority of the top courses in the U.S. and dozens of countries abroad. Today, Prestwick runs its operations out of a 60,000-square-foot facility in Sussex, Wisconsin.

As part of its continued expansion, Prestwick acquired Stirling Furnishings which has a rich, 60-plus year history of world-renowned craftsmanship of interior fixtures, furnishings, and architectural woodwork. The acquisition equipped Prestwick to furnish spaces within the clubhouse, pro shop, and locker room as well as other interior spaces.

Driven by the desire to help customers create inviting outdoor living areas, Prestwick launched Sister Bay Furniture in 2019. Built with the same recycled plastic that started the company, Sister Bay has a lineup of traditional and modern furniture designs that have been designed to elevate a property’s outdoor landscape and connect members with their friends and family members. Prestwick is also associated with Max R and Nexterra, which both provided furnishings, waste collection containers, and hospitality solutions for consumers.

What began as a simple golf course marker has now grown into a portfolio of brands known as The Prestwick Companies, which has shipped more than $250 million in manufactured products for organizations across a broad spectrum of activities and lifestyles.


For over two decades, Prestwick has established itself in the industry as a world-class manufacturer of innovative, customizable, durable, and environmentally-friendly golf course furnishings.

While the company name might not be instantly identifiable to golfers, Prestwick is widely recognizable at the facility level and often provides the bulk of essential furnishings present at many top courses throughout the country.

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